Is my car battery safe using myCOOLMAN?

Absolutely – all of our range come with battery protection built-in as standard and can be even be set to different protective levels.

What if I mount my fridge and then realise my 12v plug needs to be connected at the opposite end?

Not a problem with myCOOLMAN as we have 12v plug-points accessible at either end. 

Can I use myCOOLMAN at home as well?

Yes myCOOLMAN can be run or 12v DC or 240v AC mains power.

My phone’s run out of power, how can myCOOLMAN help?

All myCOOLMAN fridges come with a USB charging point so you can plug in your phone, speakers or anything else you would normally power or charge via USB.


Are myCOOLMAN fridges or freezers?

All of our range can be used as fridges or freezers and if you have a dual zone model you can either run as fridge & freezer, fridge & fridge or freezer & freezer!

What is the temperature range?

The full range will reliably cool down to -18°C and up to +10°C

What is so special about your lids?

All of our lids can be removed which makes them easy to clean and on all models from the 60L upwards, the lids can also be easily re-mounted to open from each side without the need for tools.

Is it safe to leave a myCOOLMAN in the weather?

Yes, the fridges are generally weather resistant.

In saying this they are a consumer electronic product and like all other quality fridge brands on the market state in their Operation Manuals; portable fridges should avoid being placed in an area in which it may be accidentally splashed or sprayed with water or liquids that might enter the electrical compartment.

The design is such that a “little bit of water” should not hurt it, but it’s not designed to be left in the weather unprotected, or used when wet. The instructions state do not operate in the rain.

Using a cover will help against some light “splashes” or a maybe a bit of short term light rain but there is the possibility of getting water inside as there are necessary vents for cooling. 

A little bit of water will drain, but a “lot” may contact the electrics, and that’s not good.

If there are splashes from the wrong direction you may be unlucky and damage the appliance.

I like to cool tall bottles, can this be done with myCOOLMAN?

Yes, our fridges have panels in the baskets that can be opened to fit larger bottles and if that isn’t enough space the entire basket can come out!


Why should I buy a cover?

Our range is built tough but it never hurts to have a little extra protection. These covers also insulate the fridges and can improve efficiency while still allowing easy access to controls and providing handy pockets for storage.


I need to open my drink, where could I find a bottle opener?

Right on your myCOOLMAN! All models come with inbuilt bottle openers at either end.

It’s dark inside my car, how can I see what’s in my fridge?

With automatic LED lighting inside every fridge, we’ll keep you illuminated – at least while the lid is open!

I’m worried the handles might get caught on something?

Not a problem with myCOOLMAN as our handles fold away to sit flush within the footprint of the fridge.

I need to cool quickly! What can I do?

With myCOOLMAN you can set your fridge to ‘Turbo’ mode and get things cooled in a rush!

What kind of warranty comes with myCOOLMAN?

All myCOOLMAN models come with 3 years warranty and an extra 2 years warranty on the compressor.


myCOOLMAN seems lighter than some of the other fridges, how is this so?

To create our range, we drew upon decades of portable refrigeration know-how and created our own myCOOLMAN blue compressor which is one of the lightest on the market making the fridges overall some of the lightest in the field.

Some fridges are made of metal and some made of plastic, which is yours?

Metal and plastic each work well in different applications so we’ve taken the best of each and combined them to create strong metal sides and robust and hardy plastic tipped corners.

My fridge is literally metres away but I want to change the temperature, what can I do?

Just grab your phone and you can control the temperature and various other features using our myCOOLMAN App, available for Android and iPhone. You can also charge your phone or other USB devices via the USB charger conveniently located on every myCOOLMAN.

Search for 'mycoolman' in Google Play and the Apple App Store. 


How easy is it to clean a myCOOLMAN fridge?

With our removable baskets and detachable lids, cleaning is a breeze.

Shipping & Warranty

How much is shipping?

Shipping within continental Australia (including Tasmania) incurs a small, flat fee for all orders. If you're located on one of the smaller Australian islands and overseas Australian territories please contact us before placing your order to confirm shipping costs. 

I don't live in Australia, can I still make a purchase?

Purchases made through this site can only be shipped to destinations within Australia.  For international shipping, please contact us on sales@mycoolman.com.au to discuss freight options. 

What kind of warranty comes with your fridges/freezers?

Our fridges/freezers are covered by a 3 year warranty for defects in materials on the unit and another 2 years (parts only) on the compressor.

Operation Manual

Where can I get a copy of the Operation Manual?

You can find the Operation Manual for all models HERE